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Duke Global Summit on Governance and Development in a Value Chain World


Gary Gereffi and Fritz Mayer

Where & When

Duke University, October 29-31, 2014


Duke University will host a Global Summit for policy leaders who are thinking about value chains, governance and development in the world’s top international organizations. We have three main objectives:

  • Direct policy impact: The summit will involve people in positions to make policy at top international organizations—such as the World Bank, the IFC, the World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, OECD, UNCTAD, UNIDO, ITC, and the ILO, among others—all of whom are interested in the policy implications of a world economy increasingly influenced by global and regional value chains.
  • Influence on development discourse among practitioners: Outputs of the summit, including a summit webpage, live video, a mini-documentary, and a series of policy briefs, will reach a global audience interested in issues of globalization and development.
  • Academic research on governance and value chains: By interacting with leading practitioners, academic researchers will gain a better understanding of the key issues and questions facing policymakers, and will help to disseminate the results of the Global Summit to diverse groups.

Activities and Outputs 

The summit will combine working sessions involving the core participants along with public forums. In addition to the summit events, we plan to project the proceedings to a broader audience through:

  • Summit Website: We will develop a summit website both to publicize the event and to create a resource for policymakers, journalists and the interested public.
  • Video: Public portions of the proceedings will be both streamed live and posted on the website.
  • Policy Briefs: The primary written output of the Global Summit will be a series of short policy briefs on topics such as international trade, development assistance, public-private partnerships, and industrial policy. Academic papers will be produced following the Summit.
  • Documentary: As a supplement to the policy briefs, we will produce a short documentary to crystalize the major issues and findings of the Summit in an accessible form.
  • Media outreach: We will work with various Duke University communications offices, and other outlets, to maximize media coverage, including especially social media.


Links to GVC-related materials for Organizations and Participants on the GVC Website


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Duke Global Summit on Governance & Development in a Value Chain World
October 29 — November 1, 2014
Duke University, Durham, NC / USA

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